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School Improvement Plan

Key Information to School Improvement Plan (SIP)

North London Grammar Schools Improvement Plan has been drawn up in consultation with all of the immediate school community, including students, governors, and the senior team who will attend an annual ‘SEF/SIP weekend’ held in October. Therefore it contains details of the school’s longer-term vision, current developments, and targets set.

We use action plans as guiding, working documents by all members of the senior and middle leadership team as well as governors. So, we also inform each school team’s Department about the whole school’s SIP.

The Governors have a key role in monitoring the SIP which they do through their committees. Likewise, they have full governors’ meetings for which the Headteacher provides an evaluation of progress in achieving the SIP targets. Each governor is linked to a dept and governors are represented at the Achievement Meetings (the faculty /departmental self-assessment presentation) as well as key events. Thus, governors act as critical friends to challenge and support the school in its work. We look forward to working in partnership in order to bring our vision and common purpose alive.

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School Improvement Plan22-01-17

School Improvement Plan

As a parent, you need the outright best instruction for your child. Students too need to form the foremost of their potential for the future. You might not know all of the detailed ins and outs of school enhancement, but you’ll get data on almost your school’s execution by checking the school directory. You can at that point inquire about the correct questions of your instructors.

We support not only our teachers but also staff to make sure they have the right ways of working and the information they need to be effective in their role.

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