North London School

Prep School Procedures

Break Time

Students need to be in supervised areas inside and outside the school premises. We set specific rooms aside in the case of bad weather. The concerned staff sell snacks in the dining hall. Students must consume all food in the dining hall. We do not allow food consumption in other parts of the school, including outdoor areas.

Lunch Arrangements

Please inform the school of the intended arrangements for lunch. During lunchtime, entry into the dining hall is restricted to diners, and coats, bags, etc. should be left in the designated areas. We do not permit our students into the classroom.

Fees for school lunches are on the website. The parents can pay the fees to the finance manager or using the school account details. Please complete the payment at the start of each term.

Please click here for the lunch menu.

Lunch Activities

Various clubs and societies hold meetings during the lunchtime break, and the library is open on designated days. Students will be given the relevant information by the staff involved. On very wet or cold days, we allocate students to specific rooms in the school.


We have lockers available for all students. Students can find out their assigned locker and unique code from the school office. Students need to report immediately to the Admin Officer if they realise any damaged lockers.

Personal Belongings

Please clearly mark School uniform, PE kit, NLPS school bags, etc. with your child’s name. Students cannot bring expensive items to school.

We do not permit our students to use their mobile phones and any other smart devices in school. Bringing these to school will result in confiscation and we will only hand them over to the parents.

Please note that the school does not accept responsibility for any damage or loss to such items whilst in school.

Illness and accidents

If your child feels unwell or has an accident, they must tell a member of staff right away. Normally, they will be sent to the school office, where a trained First Aider will take care of them. If they are too ill to remain at school or if hospital treatment is necessary, we will contact the parents to make suitable arrangements.


If your child needs to take medicine at school they must bring a letter stating when they need to take it. The medicine must be left with the Lead First Aider.


In the event of a fire, children must remain calm and carry out the procedure that they have practised during the drills. When the fire bell sounds, they must follow the instructions given by their teachers.

As a Prep School Procedures, in the event of a fire drill, you must:

  • Leave your bags and books, close the doors behind you and go out the nearest exit;
  • Evacuate the building in silence to the designated area outside the school premises;
  • Line up in register order in silence with your form group and wait for your form tutor to check your presence;
  • Stay in your designated places until an instruction to dismiss is given. The dismissal must be done in an orderly fashion.

Never assume that an alarm is a false alarm or a practice – treat every alarm as the ‘real thing’! Never be tempted to tamper with a fire alarm – this could cost lives.

Prep School Procedures for Start & End of Day

The school day starts at 8.40 am and finishes at 3.20 pm.

Start of Day

  • Children line up in the playground, ready to come into school at 8.40 am.
  • School staff is ready to take responsibility for children arriving at 8:30 am when the school doors via playground are opened.
  • Until this time parents are responsible for the welfare of their children.
  • Children should not arrive at school before 8.30 am. If parents need children to arrive before this time they should make use of the Before School Care services.

End of Day

  • If your child is in Year 3&4 please wait in the school playground for your child.
  • Similarly, if your child is in Years 5 & 6 please ensure your child knows your expectations for collection at the end of the day. If you do not collect them from the school playground yourself, you are still responsible for their safety once they have been dismissed from school.

Prep School Procedures for Late Procedures

  • If a parent is not collecting his/her child by 3.35 p.m., we need to take the child to the school reception area. There we need to register them with the member of staff on duty.
  • The member of staff on duty makes contact with the parents by telephone.
  • If parents are unavailable, the emergency contact is called.
  • If you do not collect your child by 3.35 pm, we need to enrol the child within the After School Care. Even if they have attended the After School Care for a few minutes the charge is still payable.
  • The school monitors the lateness of collection. The school may share information with regard to persistent lateness with the Educational Welfare Officer or Social Care.

Please note that the staff is not able to take messages from parents while supervising the children in school. Messages should be given to the school office.

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