North London School

Attendance and Punctuality

Attendance and Punctuality

NLGS expects 100% attendance from all pupils unless they are unwell. We carefully follow our students` attendance and punctuality.

Exceptions to this general rule will be rare. Parents are encouraged to discuss any severe problems that affect or will affect a pupil’s attendance with their form tutor and a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

All requests for absence should be made in writing and addressed to the Head Teacher. Medical, Dental, or any appointments should not be made during school time.

The school does not and will not approve the removal of a pupil from school so that the family can take a holiday during term time.

If your child is unable to attend school, you must call the school and inform us.

Parents must telephone the school office on the First Day of Absence, giving the reason and probable length of absence. On the pupil’s return to school, a letter confirming the absence must be given to form tutors. Without this, the absence remains unauthorised.


NLGS sets high standards for attendance and punctuality. Students must leave home early to arrive on time, thus avoiding any unexpected problems with buses and trains.

Pupils should arrive at school by 8:00 am. They are considered late if they are not in their form rooms when the second bell rings at 8:20 am. Late students MUST report to reception and obtain a late slip. This should be shown to the class teacher and retained for the form tutor at the next registration. Your child must bring in a letter to the school office the following day explaining his/her lateness.

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