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Attendance and Punctuality

You can find the details of Attendance and Punctuality details here:

Target in Attendance and Punctuality

Attendance: 95%

Punctuality 100%


Attendance and Punctuality is an important issue. We expect that all the students attend school every day unless there is a genuine medical or other reason for absence.

Please be punctual each day and remember that we take the Registers away at 8.50 each morning. So you should be in school at 8.45 to get to be on time. Should you arrive late to school, you must sign in at the Reception.

Persistent Latecomers

Children who repeatedly attend school late after 8:50 am will be brought to the Education Welfare Officer’s attention. In this case, we need to issue Warning Letters to the parents/carers of these children.

According to our Attendance and Punctuality policy, the parents/carers should note that we give a ‘U’ code to the children who arrive late after 9:10 am. A ‘U’ code is equivalent to an unauthorised absence, which will affect the child’s attendance figures.

North London Prep School authorities may issue Fixed penalty notices to parents/carers whose children persistently arrive after this time.

Attendance and Punctuality in Percentage

North London Prep School awards 100% Attendance certificates to the students who follow our Attendance and Punctuality policies.

All students have a target of 95% attendance. We require that parents provide explaining notes for the reasons for absence for every absence. We also request that parents telephone the school on the day of absence by 8 am.

If it is unavoidable that a medical or dental appointment has to be made during school time, a letter requesting authorisation for the absence must be brought to the class teacher or receptionist 48 hours beforehand. Students must sign out at reception on the day.
Students cannot have their holidays during term time for any reason.
Persistent absences and lateness will result in a referral to the Education Welfare Officer.

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