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FAQ About Our Boarding

FAQ About Our Boarding

You can find answers to your previously answered questions easily on our FAQ About Our Boarding (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

What’s boarding building like?

Our premises are based on the 4th floor of our school building. This allows the students to have more time to sleep and prepare for their school days, without worrying about being stuck in traffic.

It also comprises of 5 bedrooms, medical room, kitchen, toilets and bathrooms, staff office, study room, common area, laundry. The common area has a variety of equipment in place for the students to interact with such as a PlayStation, TV, and list of diverse board games.

How many students share a bedroom?

You can find answers to your previously answered questions easily on our FAQ About Our Boarding (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

There is a total of 5 or 6 single size beds in every room. Each bed has a bed-side drawer and wardrobe placed beside it in an orderly manner. There is plenty of space for the students to walk around, exercise, play and rest.

Where do boarders eat?

Our students have their breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the school dining hall. Our experienced chefs prepare fresh food daily on site. We offer international cuisine with variety of option catering to everyone’s need. We try to keep a balanced and healthy diet for all our students. Vegetarian, kosher and, Halal options are also available.

How is Laundry organised?

You can find answers to your previously answered questions easily on our FAQ About Our Boarding (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

There is a weekly schedule in place where every student is allocated a certain timeslot once a week. The laundry facilities are locked until it’s requested by a student on their turn or if there is no one allocated to that timeslot.

Who looks after my child’s valuables?

The students are free to hold onto their own possessions but are also free to request boarding staff to keep them safe in the office. Our staff keeps Important documents such as Passports, BRP cards (etc) for legality. In the event of an emergency, it’s vital to keep these records safe and accessible.

What ICT access is provided, and how is it monitored?

The building has Wi-Fi available for the students at all times. Alongside their own laptops, the students are also provided with school PC’s in the boarding premises if needed. During study times, they’re allowed to use ICT lab for research and other education purposes. The students are under constant supervision while using the school PC’s.

What happens if my child is ill?

Our boarding staff have First Aid Training, providing support for our students 24/7 with any health related issues. For other sort of illnesses, the child will be placed in our dedicated medical room where they can rest in peace whilst maintaining distance from their peers. For any kind of support, the supervisors will be available to assist. We can only provide medication if it is prescribed by the doctor with clear written instructions in English.

How will boarding affect my child?

Boarding at North London Grammar School will strive to develop the “whole person”. Boarders will be given the opportunity to share, to lead and to serve in various environments and situations so that they have the opportunity to reach their potential in all of the above areas.

As it’s clearly stated in the school’s aims and objectives, North London Grammar School expects its students to have a good understanding of celebrating diversity. So, the boarding life will be an opportunity for students to share cultural experiences and differences in a respectful and tolerant atmosphere. The school will also have a prayer room that will care for the spiritual needs of all faiths.

What pastoral support is provided in the house?

Students and staff living in a communal situation shall do so with the following social and international values foremost in their minds; trust, co-operation, tolerance, responsibility, respect, loyalty, and pride. These values shall be nurtured within the boarding house and developed through activities and experiences both with the students’ families and independently. The “sense of family” and being a part of a special community will be an integral and necessary requirement of their boarding experience.

Is transport from the airport available?

We arrange transportation only once at the beginning of the first academic year. Our staff will guide students if they need any transport for the following years.

Do I need to appoint a Guardian for my child?

Students won’t need a guardian if their parent is able to attend to any invitation/call sent from the school regarding their child(ren). Otherwise, the student(s) will need a guardian assigned by the parent.

What do I need to bring to boarding?

  • Towels
  • Slippers
  • Toiletries (Toothbrush etc)
  • School uniform upon arrival in the UK
  • Smart black shoes
  • Suitable clothing for all weather
  • Umbrella
  • Sports shoes and clothing
  • Personal prescribed medication (if required)
  • Hangers for wardrobe
  • Nightwear
  • Mobile phone
  • Laptop recommended but not mandatory
  • Stationary

Can children have pocket money?

We allow students to have their own pocket money. If a parent has given large amounts of cash or valuable items, the boarding staff will gladly keep it protected in a hidden safe. The staff will keep a record every time a student wishes to take a small amount from their reserve.

What do boarders do at the weekend?

Every weekend the boarding staff arranges optional activities for the students to participate in. Additionally, the students are allowed to leave the school premises within a dedicated time period for shopping or spend time around the neighbourhood. Time is also allocated for boarders to study and catch up on homework for the following week.

How can I contact my son or daughter?

You are free to call your child through their own devices from 16:00 to 21:45. However, after electronics are collected, you are able to contact the boarding staff to get in contact with your child. If your child doesn’t have a UK number, the supervisors can easily help with applying and setting up a UK SIM card. There is also a payphone available in the boarding should they need to call you.

How do I make contact with the school as a Parent or Guardian?

The school reception can be contacted during working hours by a parent or guardian by calling: +44 (0) 208 205 0052. The head of boarding can also be contacted by email ( should you have any queries regarding your child.

Where can I order Uniform?

There is a local uniform shop within 30 minutes of the school. Boarding staff will assist students in purchasing this uniform and alternatively the uniform can be ordered online and delivered to school. To get more information please Click here. Please be aware that there will be an additional cost for the uniform upon arrival please make arrangements accordingly.

Can students ride bicycles?

Our school has an arsenal of bicycles and protective gear. As long as the students are supervised by a member of staff, they’re free to go cycling in the local area. So we sometimes arrange special cycling activities for the weekends.

What are the Boarding fees?

Boarding fees are £9000 per annum, £3000 per term. These fees are inclusive of all meals at the school.

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