North London School

Homework Guidelines

Senior School Homework

Homework quantities are allocated to pupils in Year 7-Year 11, with the dual purpose of ensuring pupils do enough to support their learning and simultaneously helping them to know when to stop. 

A homework timetable is produced for all pupils which indicates when they can expect homework’s to be set. 

Pupils are advised to do homework’s on the nights on which they are set.  Pupils are given access to a planner in which to record homework. 

A short period of ‘Extended Learning Time’ is set each evening and should be used by pupils to carry out ‘Extended Learning’ of any kind. 

Meaningful Extended Learning Time activities include the following: 

• More time on a task that’s taken longer than it should have 

• Producing revision materials for later 

• Reviewing targets/reading and reflecting on DIRT sheets 

• Reviewing/re-doing/correcting assessed work 

• Planning ahead, reading ahead 

• Extension activities 

• Reading a related academic book, blog, broadsheet newspaper or scholarly periodical (for example: National Geographic, History Today, New Scientist, The Economist, New Yorker, The Spectator, Prospect). 

• anything else that helps pupils to become self-motivated, independent, curious 

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