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Mentoring Programme

At NLGS, Mentoring Programme is within our culture; we have a team of mentors in school who are dedicated towards the enhancement of student’s emotional, academic and social wellbeing. Our program encompasses British Values, Character education, Life skills, Psychological Support and Cultural Variations.

We work with students of all abilities who need help to overcome difficulties that are getting in the way of their learning.

Who will be mentored during our Mentoring Programme?

We mentor all the students at NLGS as our motto Bonitas states “to bring out the goodness, intellect and wisdom in one’s character”. We also make sure that our students challenge the obstacles through support and togetherness.

However, we also include students within a more focused Mentoring Programme through referrals of subject teachers or even parents in cases of bereavement, etc. Mentors liaise with staff to identify learners who would benefit from mentoring.

What can an NLGS mentor help with?

Our mentors specialise in supporting students with

  • Poor attendance
  • Lack of self-confidence, self-esteem or motivation
  • Failure to achieve their full potential
  • Behavioural or emotional difficulties
  • Difficulty settling into school and building relationships with staff
  • Personal crisis- trouble at home, bereavement, and bullying.
  • Primary to Secondary transition- Secondary to further information.

How do NLGS Mentors work with students?

We differentiate our Mentoring Programme according to four main categories, Mentoring Programme these are:

  • Whole school mentoring i.e. assemblies, inspirational guest speakers, peer mentoring, etc.
  • Class-based mentoring: i.e. celebrating birthdays, class trips, and motivational morning sessions.
  • Small group mentoring: i.e. team building activities, sleepover programs, targeted outings.
  • Individual mentoring (one-to-one): i.e. individually tailored programmes, individual target setting, personal guidance, weekly meetings, supportive framework and home visits.

When Do NLGS mentors meet with students?

Mentoring Programme can take place before school, break times, lunchtimes during lessons, afterschool, and weekends. Also at NLGS, we have specialized mentoring programs during holiday times.

Mentoring programme at at our outstanding private / independent school in London
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