North London School

Our Philosophy

Three Pillars

North London Grammar and Prep School’s motto is ‘Bonitas, Scientia, Disciplina’ which is Latin for ‘Goodness, Knowledge, and Instruction’. These are the three pillars on which we build NLGS and represent our aspirations for each and every one of our students. These distinctive elements that exemplify our philosophy are here:


‘Bonitas’ means goodness, kindness, and excellence, three attributes that we want to instill in each of our students. Every child has a unique ability and it is our job to help them to make the most of it. At the same time, we want to teach tolerance, understanding, and respect for every person.


‘Scientia’ means knowledge and is the root of our modern word ‘science’. We want to give our students knowledge of the world around them, but more importantly, give them the tools to find knowledge themselves. Logic, rationality, and critical thinking are central to our philosophy.


‘Disciplina’ means instruction and teaching, but also contains the sense of the modern word ‘discipline’. Our school exists to provide teaching and training so that students can gain knowledge and achieve excellence. This process includes learning discipline, not just obeying the rules, but also self-discipline: knowing how to conduct yourself, stay focused, and ask questions.

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