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IGO – International Greenwich Olympiad

What is IGO?

International Greenwich Olympiad (IGO) is a Project Olympiad organised and hosted by North London Grammar School in London, United Kingdom.

Our Vision

We strive to ignite a passion and enthusiasm in students for science and technology by tapping into their curiosity and creativity.

Our Mission

We offer an excellent platform that enables students to put their hands-on skills to good use, come up with new innovative ideas which they can convert to projects and present publicly in the form of research papers, display boards and other models.

Our Goals

  • To assist students in learning more about and exploring scientific methods, techniques, and materials development while also obtaining new experiences through collaborative work with others.
  • To encourage schools to work closely with their community and society. The parents of the participating students feel thrilled and proud watching their children designing their projects and being part of an international event. Parents also get a first-hand experience to get acquainted with various applications of science in their everyday life.
  • To create a stimulating platform with indulging opportunities that offer a unique competition experience both on an individual and institutional level.
  • To inspire potential future scientists, discover their talents and nurture them to become innovative inventors who will advance their society and humanity.
  • To identify creative and talented students and provide them with exciting opportunities that will help further improve their skills.
  • To help maximise students’ interest in science and, as a result, to make learning science an enjoyable experience for them.
  • To encourage students to observe other students performing individually or in teams, so they can be inspired to pursue a future career in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.
  • To use science projects as an excellent tool to allow students to explore and experiment with different scientific theories and put them into practice.
  • To provide opportunities to students and the wider community to be exposed to practical science applications in real-life situations.


  • Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Energy
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • STEM Lesson Presentations
  • Short Movies
  • Art Competition
  • Photography Contest
  • Creative Writing
  • Line Follower
  • Sumo LEGO

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