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* Your Role as Parents: As we explained on our Parent Portal page, we see the education of your child as a partnership between the School and parents. Our school expects that you give your support and encouragement to the aims of the School. We also expect that you uphold and promote its good name; to continue your child’s education at home and to ensure that your child maintains appropriate standards of punctuality, behaviour, diligence, language, discipline, and dress.

* NLGS expects that all pupils will be punctual at all times. Lateness may incur fines. Please refer to our Attendance Policy.

Please report any absence before 8am: Report Absence/Appointments: 0208 205 0052 or email

*Consent for the administration of medicines at the school, please click here 

*If you want to find out the list of GCSE boards, units we teach, exam durations, and so forth, please click here

Change of Contact Details

If you change your contact details, please complete change of details form.

* You must notify The Headteacher in writing if a pupil will be residing other than with a person who has parental responsibility.

Alternatively email or call us : or +44 (0) 208 205 0052

Some More Points to Remember

* Illness: Children should not be brought to school when sick. The School provides the services of a First Aider to deal with minor ailments and injuries, but the school does not have the facilities to accommodate sick pupils. If a pupil becomes ill during the course of the day the School may request that alternative arrangements are made for the pupil.

* Data Protection: We will process the information you provide processed for educational purposes. To ensure confidentiality and privacy, we will carry out all processing under the requirements of the Data Protection Act. We may occasionally disclose and use the information outside North London Grammar School where we consider that it is to be in the pupils’ best interests. We may include your child’s name and image in School and other publications where we consider not to be against his/her interests. Parents who object to this course of action MUST inform the School in writing. The School will not add children’s names to photographs on the website.

* Conduct and Attendance: The School attaches importance to courtesy, integrity, manners, and good discipline. We expect that the pupils take a full part in the activities of the school, to attend punctually on each school day, to work hard, to be well behaved, and to comply with the School Rules about the wearing of uniform. All pupils will receive health education appropriate to age in accordance with the curriculum.

School Rules and Trips 

* School Trips: From time to time children take part in school trips using the school minibuses in which each child will have their own seat with seatbelts. Occasionally, depending on numbers, we may transport the children in staff cars or in the cars of parents helping with the trip. Parents who object to their children using the above forms of transport MUST inform the school in writing.

* The School Rules: We display the school rules in each classroom in the school and discuss with the pupils at the start of each term and during some Form Periods each term. The main points of the rules are given overleaf but we may update these from time to time.

Parent Portal page is dedicated to our parents
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