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North London Grammar School has everything for International students to have a welcoming, rewarding and beneficial educational experience.

An outstanding place to study in the UK. Being located just a short journey away from central London and major airports, North London Grammar School has everything for International students to have a welcoming, rewarding and beneficial educational experience.

We offer both support and challenge to pupils, depending on what is required. We place a high value on the pupils’ own cultures. Also, we seek to present what is best about England and English culture and to promote British values of tolerance, respect for individual liberty, and freedom of speech.

Along with our high-quality teaching and learning facilities, we have excellent boarding facilities and 24-hour care from the resident house staff giving students all they need to make a home away from home.

The students are going to have the same lessons as our local students.

If you are successful in passing the entrance exam and interview with our admissions manager, an offer will be made in writing.

To accept and confirm a place at NLGS, we ask parents/carers to complete and sign the acceptance form. A full payment also must be paid.

Further forms will also need to complete before enrolment in September.

Once we have received full payment, a CAS will be issued to those international students requiring a Tier 4 (Child) Student Visa.

For all international pupils

For all international pupils in our international schools, the parents need to submit the followings:

  • Application Form
  • Medical Information Form
  • Payment Agreement Form
  • Terms and Conditions Form
  • International Students Consent Form

For pupils commencing the Year 9 or 10

In addition to the above forms, international school parents need to submit the following:

  • GCSE Option Form

For boarders

As for boarders at our international school, we need the followings:

  • Guardianship Agreement Form
  • Off-Site Visits Parental Consent Form

Further information is shared with pupils, parents, and agents before enrolment in September

  • Uniform Information
  • Pupil and Parent Handbook
  • Expectations and Standards
  • We encourage parents to read the School website


The Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4) is a suite of diagnostic assessments of developed ability and likely academic potential. By measuring a student’s ability to reason with different types of material, CAT4 allows you to assess the way a student thinks and how they will learn best, and in turn, enables you to adapt teaching accordingly.

The test is not based on any curriculum or dependent on prior learning, offering a fair assessment of ability regardless of a student’s prior schooling. Because three of the four batteries are not reliant on knowledge of the English language, the test is ideal for assessing EAL students.

CAT4 provides a unique profile of students’ strengths and weaknesses across four batteries

  • Verbal: The ability to express ideas and reason through words is essential to subjects with high language content, and the most obvious skill picked up by traditional assessment.
  • Non-Verbal: Problem-solving using pictures and diagrams; skills which are important in a wide range of school subjects, including maths and science-based subjects.
  • Quantitative: The capacity to think and draw conclusions in three dimensions, needed for many STEM subjects, but not easily measured by other datasets.
  • Spatial Reasoning: The ability to use numerical skills to solve problems, applicable well beyond mathematics.

The data can be used to identify specific groups of students including special educational needs and gifted and talented. Students with a high spatial score are likely to be strong in STEM subjects.

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For further admissions information please telephone 0208 205 0052 or complete the form below:

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