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School Testimonials

NLGS School Testimonials

We asked our students how their journey at NLGS is so far.
Hear what they have to say…

“Being selected as a part of the school counsellor is the most memorable part of this academic year so far. Even though I don`t know what the future holds, I know that with all the new things I learn each day, I will be better prepared for it.”
Vildan, Year 7

“My favourite lesson so far is English because I can let my creativity run wild and everything requires deeper thought and I love that. One subject that I never thought I would study was Computer Science but since coming to North London Grammar and Prep School, I’ve changed my mind completely and now I do extra work at home for fun! Because of the pandemic, I don’t really have a most memorable trip.”
Amelia, Year 7

“I have learned a lot coming to this school and it has definitely boosted my confidence in speaking more in class. My favourite subject is English because I get to write with my creativity and comprehension is also very enjoyable because it requires knowledge to find the specific evidence in a text to answer the question.”
Sauren, Year 7

“My most memorable at North London Grammar and Prep School so far was when we made marshmallow towers in Science.”
Imaad, Year 7

“I believe this is the most amazing school I feel set for my future career. My favourite subject right now is Math. Finally, the English teacher has changed me to like English and the R.E teacher.”
Trishil Ray, Year 7

“My favourite subjects are; English, Science and Drama right now. I feel that NLGS has changed my view of both education and life in many ways. I feel as if their environment is soothing and understanding and in NLGS I feel I am developing and learning much better. Some subjects I prior to joining NLGS didn’t enjoy, but I now do. Thus, I find learning at NLGS much more productive, effective and fun.”
Sarah, Year 7

“I really enjoy PE, especially playing ping pong we do workouts at the start of our PE lessons. Also, we have yoga classes which are nice because it is very relaxing and calming.”
Jodie, Year 7

“Year 7 has been an exciting year so far; the teachers are kind and caring and they have made sure we have caught up on our learning and I feel that I am in good hands.”
Nisarb, Year 7

“The most memorable part of my year so far is homeschooling using Microsoft Teams. I am prepared to fully commit myself and my time to my future career, which hopefully will be a Medical Scientist. My most enjoyed lessons so far are Science, English, Art, Spanish, Drama and Maths. My teachers have positively impacted my learning and have taught me so much about new subjects; I am proud to say I go to NLGS.”
Leila, Year 7

“So far, in this school, the person who has supported me the most is Mr Fernandes because he always challenges me because he knows my ability. Likewise, another teacher that has supported me is Mr Asaam because sometimes when I finish a piece of work he gives me an extension.”
Krishan, Year 7

“When I feel I am prepared for something I believe that everything is possible.  My most enjoyable lesson so far is ART as I am able to express myself in any way I like. For most of my teachers have impacted my confidence and ability as far as possible. To summarize, the teachers have worked with have changed my viewpoint of the world and made me care more for our planet and surroundings and the way I see things.”
Zara-Lily, Year 7

“I feel like I’m getting more ideas about what my future career will be like. The lessons I enjoy the most are Maths, Art, Music, Drama and PE. My teachers have a really big impact on my education, for they all are really nice and are pushing me to my limits. I really enjoy going to NLGS, everyone there is really nice and welcoming.”
Cassie, Year 7

“I love going to school and studying all subjects.”
Alaan, Year 7

“My favourite lesson at school is PE. But, when I am older, I would either like to be a musician or a conservationist in either: Australia, Nairobi or Singapore.”
Amar, Year 7

“Hi, I am an NLGS boarding student. I really like boarding because it has a nice atmosphere. Everyone is so friendly. Also, the supervisors are academically helpful and entertaining. We do activities such as reading, movie nights and playing football”
T. B., Year 7

“This school has taught me all about courage and perseverance. It ranges not just physically but emotionally and academically and has taught me skills that I would use in my lifetime.”
Shreyanshu, Year 8

“My most memorable part of school was PGL. I enjoy doing Spanish a lot. I never use to enjoy English but now I do.”
Lewis, Year 8

“This school has aided me a lot with helping my knowledge grow. The lessons I have enjoyed so far are Art and P.E.”
Zuhal, Year 8

“Since I began here at NLGS it has been difficult because of the lockdowns but I have enjoyed online teaching and Kahoot. My favourite subject is Art as we did great activities. Our timetable is perfect.”
Sanaa, Year 8

“Overall, I think my journey from year 7 has been brilliant. The teachers are very helpful, and I am proud to receive good marks. They have encouraged me to do well in all subjects and are very respectful.”
Thia, Year 8

“I have been a student here for about one and a half years now and so far NLGS has been welcoming and very caring. NLGS has always made sure our education was always continuing even throughout the pandemic we have had online school.”
Umar, Year 8

“I have a better understanding of what I want to achieve in my life and what subjects I need to take to achieve it. Thus the teachers at NLGS have really helped decide on that decision.”
Zain, Year 8

“So far my favourite lesson has been Computer Science, as I enjoy coding.”
Franklin, Year 9

“The most memorable part of my education so far was in English Literature, we discuss so many interesting topics like the universe. I feel I am better prepared because I have learnt quite a lot so far.”
Ved, Year 9

“I enjoy all classes, but I really like business studies because the subject is very interesting my teacher inspired me to start my own business.”
Meryem, Year 9

“My most memorable part of my education is clearing my 11+ and receiving admission into this school. I feel that the subjects I have chosen for my GCSE will help me to achieve my goal- Computer Engineering. I have enjoyed and have been doing well in computer science which has been my favourite subject since primary and I especially love coding(python).”
Aadit, Year 9

“My most memorable time was when I participated in a Math Olympiad competition and won a gold medal.”
Vehbi Furkan, Year 9


“My teachers had influenced me with their positive attribution towards our education.”
Zeynep Selma, Year 10

“I’ve had great times with my friends at NLGS and teachers have had a massive impact on my learning in a positive way always putting their maximum effort in everything they do which I am really inspired by.”
Thanish, Year 10

“I would like to thank all the teachers and all my friends for making these last two and a half years unforgettable. The time, therefore, I spent here made me a better person in many ways. In sum, I have made amazing friends over the course of my study here and I will stay in touch with them.”
Aletdinov, Year 11

“I colourfully remember the days when all of us gathered in the dining hall for different events. These moments were especially remarkable due to the shared opinions of students, which was a great experience to sit with peers around one table.”
Ovezdurdyyev, Year 11

“Selecting one reminiscence of all the good memories to write about my time in NLGS is Extremely unfeasible. From the day I joined the school, with absolutely no idea of how I will get on and blend in as a student, to making friendships that I know will last forever, we’ve been able to create memories for every day. Behind all that, we’ve had my cohort and teachers, giving me the energy, enthusiasm and drive to keep going to thrive to success.”
Senadheera, Year 11

“Year 11 was the last year and the best year it was not easy for anyone having ten different subjects trying to achieve the best we could. But we also made fond memories we had our teachers Mrs Caya and Mr Florin they supported us all the time. It was nice to have teachers that you know that is always there for you. Meanwhile, one best memory was the paintball trip it was immensely fun.”
Evans, Year 11

“The most memorable time in my last year was when we went to The Nutcracker Ballet”
Kos, Year 11


NLGS Parent Testimonials

“I find NLGS to be a great, progressive school and a wonderful environment for children to thrive. My most memorable and enjoyable time was the first Iftar dinner the school had, which was open to the whole school and even family members. Therefore, the food was great (as always) and the ambience was relaxed and welcoming. Finally, we will miss the team after our son finishes this year and would be happy to be a member of the board of governors, contributing to the school’s further progress.”

“I recently joined the school during the lockdown. The staff are very helpful and assisted us with our child’s concerns settling into the school. Having extra online clubs arranged by the student services due to the lockdown was a great idea and was very helpful.”

“A school where the students have a sense of belonging and feel special and part of a family. “

“My daughter speaks very highly about the school and the teachers. Hence I am extremely pleased that my daughter attends this school. “

“Having an older child and experienced quite a few different schools, my experience with NLGS has been by far the most positive. Structured, well organised and managed, caring and knowledgeable. To conclude, great teamwork.”

“Overall it’s been a good year of learning and self-development. The school has adapted really well to online learning during the pandemic lockdown.”

“One of my memorable moments at NLGS is the Virtual Christmas celebration ‘Singing By Candlelight’. It was nice to see everyone and had a lovely time.”

“Our son moved to NLGS from a local state school. This was the best decision we have made for our son. Teaching at NLGS is of the highest calibre. So, all staff are professional and very caring towards their students. “

“My daughter is so happy with her teachers and she loves the opportunity to express herself. Besides, she is more confident and has a good disposition towards her work.”

My son has been at the school for one year now and unfortunately for nine months, he had to work from home. So far, the results I have seen are very positive. In brief, the teachers I have met on Zoom have been quite impressive.”

“Our son moved to NLGS from a local state school. This was the best decision we have made for our son. Teaching at NLGS is of the highest calibre. Thus, all staff are professional and very caring towards their students. “

“My son started North London Grammar in Year 7. In fact, we are very pleased with the school. The teachers are cooperative and my son comes back home with a smiling face.”


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