North London School

Report a Student Absence

You can find the details of how to Report a Student Absence on this page. At NLGS, we encourage our students to take advantage of the high level of education provided by attending school regularly.

Students and parents play an important part in making our school a huge success. According to the Department of Education students that hold 95% attendance and above achieve higher grades.

At NLGS, we pride ourselves on providing a high level of education. We encourage our students to take advantage of this by attending school regularly. It is important that our students attend school regularly, on time, every day unless the reason for their absence is unavoidable or there is a school closure.

What will I do if my child is absent?

The procedures for student absences are:

  • Parents / Guardians should contact the school office at the earliest opportunity on the first day of absence. Please also provide a reason for your absence.
  • If a student is off sick for 5 consecutive days or more, please provide a doctor’s note.
  • You can notify the school office via phone or email  
  • School office phone: 020 8 205 0052
  • School email:

Where the school has not been notified of student absences, we will contact Parents / Guardians via telephone, email or text on the first day of absence. When persistent absences from school become a concern, the form tutor or head of the year will contact parents/guardians to discuss the situation. We will look at how we can move forward together to ensure a student receives an education.

We also understand that not all medical appointments can be made outside of the school lunch hour / at the end of the school day. In the instance where your child has a medical appointment during the school day, please kindly notify the school office by providing details of the appointment, such as, “date / time / brief reason”. 

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