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FAQ About Our School

You can easily and quickly find answers to your previously answered questions on our FAQ About Our School (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

You can find answers to your previously answered questions easily and quickly on our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

How long is the School day?

Lessons Begin08:5008:50
Lessons End15:00 - 15:2016:00

You can see the details here.

What are the admission procedures?

  1. Initial Interest
  2. Entrance Test
  3. Register after the Successful Entrance Test
  4. Interview Day
  5. To accept a place for your child.
  6. To secure a place for your child.
  7. Induction Day

How can I report absence/lateness?

All students are expected to attend school every day unless there is a genuine medical or other reason for absence. You are expected to be punctual each day and remember that registers will be taken at 8.20 each morning. Should you arrive late to school after the Tutorial Lesson, you must sign in at the Reception.
Report Absence/Appointments before 8 am: 0208 205 0052 or by email
Attendance certificates for 100% attendance are awarded. All students have a target of 95% attendance. Notes explaining the reasons for absence are required for every absence, and we request that parents telephone the school on the day of absence before 8 am.

How do you support low and high-achievers?

We have a broad balanced curriculum. Our teachers use differentiation in their lessons. We have small class sizes so have the luxury of supporting the child for stretch and challenge and for low achievers we have interventions.

Our pastoral team works closely with students that may require different levels of support outside the academic curriculum. `Stretch and challenge` is an approach we take in all departments.

Students are tested regularly (core subjects: every two weeks, other subjects: every three weeks) which allows us to see knowledge gaps and misconceptions and address them in the early stages.

Extracurricular activities within departments such as UKMT and STEM Olympiads arouse curiosity and promote a love for learning.

Why are the tuition fees lower than in other independent schools?

The school operates on a not-for-profit basis.

How can I track my child’s progress?

You can check your child’s progress at any time by logging in to your child’s personal school account ( You will track daily attendance, punctuality, behavior information, and termly school reports. Parents can also download the Isams Parent app to view their child’s school progress and details (app school code: nlgs)

The school also sends regular text messages to keep parents up to date on their child’s progress via Parentmail.

When can I book an entrance test for my child?

We will have all the available dates posted on our website. A test can be booked for students from year 3 to year 10.
We hold entrance tests every month, and they can be booked through our entrance test booking page

When can I come to visit the school?

If you would like to have a tour, please fill out and submit the form here.

We have our open days/evenings posted online during normal times, and please click here to go to the page.
You can also have a Virtual Tour.

Is there a deadline for school applications? Do you take new students throughout the school year?

We are happy to accept school admissions throughout the academic year as long as we haven’t exceeded form group capacity in individual year groups.

How can I find out about school vacancies?

Please visit the vacancies page on our website.
Vacancies are also posted on Indeed and TES.

Does your school offer scholarships or bursaries?

Currently, we do not offer any scholarships or bursaries. Please follow our social media pages for future announcements.

Does your school have a sixth form?

No, we offer a UFP (university foundation programme) aimed at international students. The UFP is a one-year intensive course that is an alternative to A-Levels. More information can be found here.
Our students’ services team helps prepare our Year 11s for further education once they leave NLGS, assisting them with college / sixth form applications.

Is there a school bus service?

Currently, we have 3 bus services running within the local area, Barnet, East, Wembley, and Stanmore. Please email for more information.

What is public transport like for your school? 

Our school is located near Colindale and Hendon Central stations; both serve the northern line. It is a 10-minute walk to school from Colindale station.
The 324 bus stops directly outside our school and runs from Stanmore Station to Brent Cross.

How large is the school?

Our school is a small school with around 240 students with all the benefits of a small school community. We think of our school as a family with a positive, friendly atmosphere and nurturing environment for all our students.

What year groups are offered at this school?

We offer primary school education from year 3 to year 6 in our self-contained Primary Suite on the ground floor. We offer secondary school education in our Grammar School from year 7 to year 11 on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors. Our year 6 primary students have been well prepared to automatically enter our Grammar School for year 7 without taking the Grammar School entrance test.

What is the maximum number of students in a class?

Our classes are small to maintain a positive interactive education environment to promote effective teaching and good student behaviour. For years 3 to 6, the maximum number is up to 16 in a class. From year 7 the maximum number is up to 24 in a class. However, the average class size is normally much smaller.
However, the capacity will remain at 21 during Covid-19.

Does the school have a catchment area?

No. As long as the student can travel safely to and from the school from their home.

How do I book an entrance test?

The entrance test can be booked through our website, and the fee is £75. The entrance tests are normally available once a month throughout the year.
Click here to fill out the school entrance test.

Does the school accept in-year students?

Yes. As long as there are places available.
These applications will be fast-tracked to get the student into the school without delays. Once admitted, these students will have all the necessary support from the SLTs and Student Services to ensure a smooth transition.

Does the school provide boarding facilities?

Yes, we have boarding facilities for boys only.
The boarding facilities are located on the 4th floor with 24-hour supervision by our boarding staff.
A full programme of study and activities are provided outside of school hours.
For more information, please click here.

Is your school connected with any particular philosophy or group?

NLGS was founded by a group of British business people and educators of Turkish background who were personally inspired by the teachings of Hizmet which emphasizes the importance of inclusive and nondenominational education to help children achieve their true potential. Hizmet, a Turkish word that means ‘service’, is a civil society education movement.

How does that ‘inspiration’ manifest itself in the school? Does it impact the school curriculum or the day-to-day running of the school?

Hizmet’s teachings and emphasis on education influenced the founders of the school and by extension, the nature, and character of the school in the following ways:

  • Establishing a non-profit school.
  • Establishing a school that is nondenominational and inclusive in terms of student background, ethnicity, and religion.
  • Ensuring that the school provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the students, parents, and staff.
  • Offering an educational ethos that emphasizes academic excellence on the one hand and universal values such as social responsibility, empathy, engagement, compassion, and care on the other.

Other than the above, Hizmet’s inspiration has no other impact on the school. The school board of governors and the school management team runs NLGS which is an independent school. NLGS follows the national curriculum and does not promote or teach a particular religion or philosophy including that of Hizmet. Ofsted inspects NLGS and all other relevant stakeholder bodies.

How many pupils go on to education or training at 16 and 18?

In terms of attainment, 98% of our students go on to study at Further Education Level. We do not have A Level students (age 16-18) however our University Foundation Program students (alternative to A Levels) 100% will go on to study at University. Please take a look at our destinations list on our website to see the types of colleges our students attend.

What percentage of pupils reach the expected academic level by 16-18?

We track our pupil progress by following government guidance and implementing Progress 8 and Attainment 8, holding half-termly assessments for all students.

What is the level of attendance at the school?

At the moment our attendance is at 90% during the height of a pandemic with rising covid cases in the country. Any students who are not at school due to coronavirus symptoms or self-isolation have been set up on Teams and are working with their teachers virtually.

During normal times, the attendance rate is around 98%.

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