North London School


As a result of our growth and success over the years, NLGS has been able to branch out and open schools outside of the UK as a Franchising. At present, we have agreements to open in branch schools in three countries: China; Myanmar; and Kazakhstan.

Franchising NLGS London

In the UK, our school has been graded outstanding by Ofsted in all categories, something which is only achieved by the top 15% of independent schools. Here are some of the things highlighted by Ofsted that demonstrates the quality of our school:
• The leadership team has built on the school’s previous strengths. As a result, the school provides its pupils with an outstanding education.
• Pupils’ behaviour is impeccable. They work diligently and with determination to succeed. They value diversity and respect all people no matter their culture, faith or lifestyle.
• Pupils make substantial progress from the point at which they join the school. This is because leaders adapt the curriculum to meet their needs, and teaching is highly effective.
NLGS is open to further partnerships that would allow us to work with reputable organisations in order for us to spread the NLGS ethos of excellence, knowledge and teaching around the world. We are looking for established partners who share these values.

Franchising from London

NLGS works closely with our partners in the process of franchising new schools. We will provide intellectual property including curriculum, lesson plans, examination etc. Our school will also require regular visitations to franchise schools before and after the opening of the school in order to ensure a high standard of teaching and facilities. NLGS will also organise training sessions for teachers and administrators in franchise schools to replicate as best as possible the NLGS standard of quality.
Interested parties are welcome to contact our Business Manager (businessmanager@northlondongrammar.com) in order to discuss partnership opportunities.

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