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Welcome to NLGS Boarding School

“Children make excellent progress in their educational, moral, social, and cultural development. The quality of care and support is outstanding.” –Ofsted 2016

We at North London Grammar School (NLGS) give a warm welcome to all prospective boarders. At our school, we strive to continually improve in order to fulfill the expectations and needs of our pupils and parents.

Why is Boarding school the right choice when a child goes to school?

Recent statistics have revealed that there is an increase in the demand for boarding facilities. Therefore, we have created the latest and most modern as well as comfortable environment for our boarders so they feel like they are at home. We have provided our boarders with many social, educational, sporting, and self-development activities. This is inevitably to provide an opportunity for personal growth, responsibility, as well as independence. This has been implemented in order to prepare those boarding with us for their own personal and professional life in the near future.

How comfortable do parents feel with their children staying at boarding here?

We have had a good report with the parents of our boarders, stating that they are very pleased that their children are receiving the best pastoral care. Furthermore, the Head of Boarding, staff, and pupils share the school’s aspirations for excellence in education, progression in personal development and understanding of the British culture. Additionally, we welcome all phone calls, texts, and e-mails from parents at any time throughout the year. Consequently, we aim to provide reassurance and feedback as requested.

What are the weekends at Boarding like?

Within Boarding, we have ensured that we structure our evenings and weekends properly for our students. Hence, it allows for enough time that each year group can complete their homework. Moreover, we allocate slots for the boarders to carry out any additional research for their academic studies. In addition to this, we ensure that we assign the remaining to extra-curricular activities, enrichment and free-time.
We schedule Saturdays with planned trips to enhance social development and some relaxation time. On Sundays, the boarders follow a systematic timetable of scheduled prep sessions. We arrange intensive study sessions help boarders review everything from their lessons throughout the week and plan ahead for the next week.

As well as this, After the prep sessions, the boarders have some allocated time to do some sports for their physical activities. The Head of Boarding and staff also take part in these activities to spend more quality time with the pupils.

Who is allowed to stay at boarding?

Our boarding house is single-sex. Males are only allowed in boarding. Within this group of males, the boarders are divided according to their ages. Separating the age groups within boarding enables them to spend time with their own age group. As they will also socialize with the other boarders through the boarding activities, they will benefit from the experience and wisdom of the older boarders as part of the boarding family. Older boarders always act like a mentor to our younger members, guiding them through the problems they may face and try to give them the nurturing care of a sibling. As our younger members grow up, they take the role of a mentor and follow the same responsibility process in guiding younger generations.

The facilities include a range of bedrooms with a capacity of 4-6 members in Our Boarding

What equipment do they have in boarding?

Our boarding provision has a wide range of facilities and opportunities for our boarders to feel like they are at home. The facilities include a range of bedrooms with a capacity of 4-6 members, a room where students can conduct extra studies apart from scheduled prep sessions, a kitchen, shower facilities, a medical room, and a common area with various entertainment options. This enables students to enjoy their free time with their friends at their own leisure. The Head of Boarding works closely with senior staff in the school to ensure that boarding activities support and enhance the school programme.

Who looks after the students at boarding?

The Head of Boarding plays a vital role in making our boarding facilities as comfortable as possible for boarders, by working with a supporting team of highly qualified and trained supervisors and mentors. As far as their main pastoral roles are concerned, our supervisors quickly get to know every individual in their care. The parents also know the first person to contact to.

How can boarding help my child develop?

A boarding house is a place where students form stable and strong friendships. We do not just limit throughout school life, however, continues after leaving the school. Those leaving gain advice from staff about careers and appropriate courses to enhance their future.

Statement of purpose

First of all, We welcome boarders from many backgrounds and locations in the UK and around the world. Secondly, our boarding model is modern and non-hierarchical. Moreover, every boarder’s voice is heard, and our supervising staff dedicate themselves to replicating a family atmosphere in which tolerance, empathy, and mutual endeavour are always our core focus.

Similarly, house staff supervise the Younger pupils’ prep and support them. We help to those who are older to develop the independence that will serve them at university.

The wide boarding community comes together for breakfast, supper, and a variety of evening and weekend activities, society meetings, and creative and academic workshops. Our Boarders enjoy the independence of living away from home, within London, with proper supervision. In conclusion, we enrich the boarding community by the cultural opportunities, activities, sports, and trips such a vibrant multicultural city provides.

Our Boarding House

The recently-refurbished boarding house is home to 26 boys. They are of mixed year groups, with their number of boarders ranging from year 8 to year 11. Our boarders develop a close attachment to their peers, where they live and study under the care of a supervisor who knows them thoroughly and who maintains a close relationship with their families back home.

Independent Listener

Our Boarders are fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with our Independent Listener, Hakan Gokce, who knows the school well and will be sympathetic to pupils’ concerns. He is ready to listen to any personal issues or concerns pupils might have and to talk them through if they would like to speak to someone privately. He is happy to meet with pupils at School and visits the School from time to time.

We have provided his contact information to pupils within their Boarding House and he is always readily available.

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