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School Fees

North London Grammar and Prep School Fees

PROGRAMME FEESUK ResidentsInternational Students
Day StudentsBoarding Students (boys only)Day StudentsBoarding Students (boys only)
Primary School
KS2 (Year 3 -6)
£3,675 per term

£11,025 per year
N/A£4,830 per term

£14,490 per year
Secondary School (Year 7 -11)£4,095 per term

£12,285 per year
£7,245 per term

£21,735 per year
£5,500 per term

£16,500 per year
£8,650 per term

£25,950 per year
University Foundation Programme£4,725 per term

£14,175 per year
£7,875 per term

£23,625 per year
£14,175 per year£23,625 per year
DEPOSIT AND FEESUK ResidentsInternational Students
Day StudentsBoarding StudentsDay StudentsBoarding Students
Deposit (refundable at the end of course)£1,250***£1,250***£1,250***£1,250***
Registration Fee (non refundable)£200£200£400£400
Entrance Exam Fee (non refundable)£60£60£60£60
ADDITIONAL COSTSUK ResidentsInternational Students
Day StudentsBoarding StudentsDay StudentsBoarding Students
Lunch£787.50 per yearIncluded£787.50 per yearIncluded
School Bus£2,520 per year (old routes)
£2,700 per year (new route)
N/A£2,520 per yearN/A


          • * International students requiring a student visa must have paid the full termly fees before Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) can be issued. If an overseas student provides proof that the student visa has been refused, then all fees paid will be refunded, except for the non-refundable registration fee and deposit.

* Applicants applying for the UK resident fees must be able to prove permanent UK residence for the past three consecutive years.

* School uniform fees are additional. Click here for the Uniform Shop website

* Some optional weekend and half-term trips/activities may incur additional costs.

*** Deposit fee of £1,250 is refundable at the end of the course. However, deposit fee is non-refundable if the student:

  • does not start the course
  • does not complete one full academic year


*There is a discount of £300 for a second or subsequent sibling while the older sibling is still at NLGS. The older sibling is also entitled to a discount of £300.

* A discount of £300 is available to parents who wish to make an early payment for the whole year’s fees (UK students only).


School deposit and registration fees can be paid online: https://northlondongrammar.com/school-fees-payment/
The parents can also pay by direct debit, bank transfer, or cheque, yearly or termly with the name of your child and year used as the reference.
Existing Students: “Fees must be paid in advance before the start of the academic year or each term by the following deadlines:
15th June – Payment for the Autumn Term
12th December  – Payment for the Spring Term
27th March  – Payment for the Summer Term

New Students: “For students starting in September, you require full payment of the £1250 deposit, registration and first term fee by 31st March..”

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