North London School

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

First of all, at NLPS, we believe that good behaviour, good manners, and a calm atmosphere lead to an effective learning environment that enables students to succeed. There is a Code of Conduct that all students are expected to follow to achieve a quality environment for everyone.

Students should:

  1. Arrive on time – ready to work.
  2. Follow instructions.
  3. Please show respect for others and their property.
  4. Work hard with all classwork.


Students should:

  1. Show good manners and politeness to all.
  2. Wear uniform correctly
  3. Behave appropriately
  4. No running or shouting around the school
  5. Show respect to the structure of the building.
  6. Never eat or drink anywhere in the building apart from the dining hall.
  7. Not drop litter anywhere in or around the school but dispose of it thoughtfully.

Please remember that:

Above all, we should treat each other and any visitors in the school with consideration and respect as we strive to do our best in everything we do. In this way, we will make NLPS a more effective, pleasant and attractive place for everybody.


Merit points

We record our students’ good behaviour and hard work with their Merit points on You can frequently log in to check the progress online.

There is an award for students who achieve a certain level of Merit points per half-term.

Students can receive merit points for:

  • Good quality of homework
  • Outstanding class-work
  • Superb performance
  • Improvement in behaviour
  • Exemplary manners
  • Helpfulness
  • Community contribution
  • Excellent attendance
  • Immaculate uniform
  • Any other action has seen as praiseworthy.


Actions that your teachers will take when there is good behaviour

  • Verbal praise
  • Merit point
  • Stickers on work
  • Positive comments on work
  • Informing parents with a call /text
  • Certificates
  • Gift rewards/vouchers
  • Student of the week subject certificate
  • Outside school activities such as trips including international trips


At North London Prep School, therefore, we have high expectations of all pupils to act morally and work to the best of their ability to achieve their targets.

Sanctions are recorded on KSM and Merit Points are de-merited if you are:

  • Late to the lesson.
  • MOVING around the classroom without permission.
  • Persistently failing to bring the correct equipment.
  • Showing dangerous behaviour,
  • And REFUSING or delaying to follow the teacher’s instructions.
  • DAMAGING school equipment.
  • Showing persistent DISRUPTIVE behaviour.
  • Using any ABUSIVE language towards others.
  • TALKING when the teacher is talking.
  • In Non-UNIFORM.
  • Showing a lack of effort in CLASSWORK.
  • Not completing the expected quality and amount of HOMEWORK.
  • Or if you are showing any other behaviour seen liable to be sanctioned.

SANCTIONS are actions that your teachers will take when needed, such as:

  • Verbal warning
  • Changing seat
  • Sending to another class
  • Tidy up the classroom
  • Time-out during the break and lunch
  • Pupil to write a letter to the offended
  • Filling ‘Think Sheet.’
  • Privileges took away (missing out on school trips.)
  • Weekly monitor form
  • Target setting meeting
  • Contact / Letter to parents
  • Office self-study
  • Meeting parents
  • Meeting with outside agencies and professionals.
  • Temporary exclusion / Offsite education
  • Permanent exclusion
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