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Cat 4 Test

Cat 4 Test is an exam which can be taken by anyone usually between the ages of 5-9 for the qualification into North London Prep School. Once this test has been taken, you do not need to take another one to get into our secondary school once your child comes of age.

The test consists of 3 different sections that the child will have to answer in exam conditions at the school. These 3 sections include verbal reasoning, Numerical reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and assessment of spatial ability.

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Verbal reasoning will have questions based on relational words. For example, words that are the most similar to each other. This first section will be to understand if the child can differentiate words that are not in a sequence.

The next section is Verbal Analogies. In this section the child should find a missing paired word and add another word to make a sequence complete. We use this part to understand how children can match similar words in accordance with sequences.

Numerical Analogies are similar to verbal analogies, but with numbers. This section of the exam will present the child with a paired number and have a missing paired number which the child would need to fill. This section will help us understand how well the child is able to solve mathematical equations.

Numerical series in a similar way to verbal analogies, will present a sequence of numbers and the child should complete the sequence correctly.

Non-verbal reasoning will present the child with figure classifications. There will be one true answer to select from among 5 options.

Figure matrices will present the child with a design which they must complete. They will be given options for the design but there will only be one correct answer.

Spatial ability will present the child with the option of how the paper will appear when unfolded. The child will need to select the correct answer which will only be one.

You can find more information below:

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If you want to purchase books for preparation, you can find the sample links below:

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You can have a free test here.

You can register your child here for secondary and for prep school

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