North London School

School Contacts


Mr Fatih AdakHeadteacher, Designated Safeguarding and Child Protection
Mr Omar SalahuddinDeputy Headteacher (T&L, Pupil Progress, Data Analysis, Deputy Safeguarding Lead, University Foundation and Head of Year 11, Staff Governor. Head of Faculty for Computer Science, UFP, Art and PE)
Mrs Seval BiliciDeputy Headteacher (Head of Primary, PSHE, Assemblies. Head of Faculty for Business and Psychology)
Mr Max FederciAssistant Headteacher (Head of Year 9 and 10, Cover. Head of Faculty for English, Modern Foreign Languages and Music)
Mrs Lena DhronaAssistant Headteacher, Head of Year 7 and 8, Numeracy. Head of Faculty for Maths and

Governing Board

Mr Rustem AliyevChair of


Ms Vera LysenczukAdmissions
DepartmentsExams Office
Lettings / General Info
Mr M. Akif DemircanHead of

English Department

Mr Max FedericiHead of Faculty of English and Modern Foreign
Mrs Louise MitchellHead of English and Literacy
Dr Samuel FrancisTeacher of English Language, Literature and
Dr Ruth CumberlandTeacher of English Language
Mr George BesasTeacher of English Language, Literature and Media
Ms Gillian WalchTeacher of English as an Additional

Maths & Science Department

Mrs Lena DhronaiHead of Faculty for Maths and
Mr Muhammet GulerTeacher of Maths
Mr Bilam BouzzaTeacher of
Ms Natasha Fazil Head of
Mr Henry Johnson Teacher of
Mr Abdel Zou ZouTeacher of Science and Laboratory Technician

Other Subjects

Mrs Liliana CanolaTeacher of
Mr Anito Marrone Teacher of Music
Mr Omar SalahuddinTeacher of Computer Science (Years 9-11)
Mrs Christina ContiTeacher of Art
Mr Michael MoonTeacher of PE and
Mr Aybulat AletdinovTeacher of Computer Science (Years 7, 8, UFP)
Mr Michael EvansTeacher of UFP Business
Mrs Seval Bilici Teacher of Business and Psychology.
Mr Mahriar Hussian Teacher of Business, History and

Form Tutors

Mrs Lena DhronaHead of Years 7 and
Mr Michael Moon Year 7 Form Tutor
Mr Henry JohnsonYear 8 Form
Mr Max FedericiHead of Years 9 and
Mrs Liliana CanolaYear 9B Form
Dr Ruth CumberlandYear 9S Form
Dr Samuel FrancisYear 10B Form
Mr Mahriar HussainYear 10S Form
Mr Omar Salahuddin Head of Years 11 and University Foundation Programme (UFP)
Mrs Louise Mitchell &
Mr George Besas
Year 11B Form
Ms Natasha FazilYear 11S Form
Mr Michael EvansUFP Form
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