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Due to the high volume of scholarship applications and limited funds we cannot accept any new applications until further notice.

As an outstanding North London Grammar School, we committed to broadening access to the school. Means-tested Scholarship and Bursaries are offered to new pupils to the School from Year 3 through Year 11 to the residents in the UK.
North London Grammar offers Scholarship and Bursaries to children who show ability and potential for the future and whose parents would not otherwise be able to send or continue to send their child to the School, in the view of the Head Teacher.
Each year the School sets a budget for scholarships, based on anticipated sources of funding. Only in exceptional circumstances will the School exceed this limit.
We award scholarships as a deduction towards the cost of day fees.


Scholarship and Bursary funds are limited, and future pupils judged most suitable will be given priority to gain most from the educational provision. We give attention to the academic assessment result of each applicant. But we always consider the potential and contribution as well as performance. There will also be an interview with the Head Teacher or another senior member of staff. We will request a school report from the child’s current school. The Head Teacher will have a review annually. He will include a meeting with the parents should there be any concerns.  

How to Apply

You can complete the form only if your child already sat our entrance exam. We will add the scholarship  application form here once we have the scholarship offer again.

The Process

The School Management Committee will assess all the scholarship  applications. We declare the decisions about successful applications in mid-July. Terms and conditions apply.

For more information you can send email to: admin@northlondongrammar.com

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