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Children and Families Bill 2013

The Children and Families Bill takes forward the Coalition Government’s commitments to improve services for vulnerable children and support strong families. It underpins wider reforms to ensure that all children and young people can succeed, no matter what their background. The Bill will reform the systems for adoption, looked after children, family justice and special educational needs.

The Government is transforming the system for children and young people with special educational needs (SEN), including those who are disabled, so that services consistently support the best outcomes for them. The Bill will extend the SEN system from birth to 25, giving children, young people and their parents/carers greater control and choice in decisions and ensuring needs are properly met.

It takes forward the reform program set out in support and aspiration: A new approach to special educational needs and disability: Progress and next steps by:

The Local Offer was first introduced in the Green Paper (March 2011) as a local offer of all services available to support disabled children and children with SEN and their families. This easy to understand information will set out what is normally available in schools to help children with lower-level SEN as well as the options available to support families who need additional help to care for their child.”

What will it do?

The Local Offer will provide parents/carers with information about how to access services in their area, and what they can expect from those services. With regard to Education, it will let parents/ carers and young people know how school and colleges will support them, and what they can expect across the local settings.

School Based Data/Information 2016 To 2017

Number of students at our school with statements or EHC plans at the end of July 2016: 1

Number of students on the SEND register at the end of July 2016: 1

What training did staff at our school have in SEND over the Year 2016/17?

  • Mentor Induction Training for our Mentors
  • Training on How to support student with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder in lessons and outside classroom
  • Support with developing literacy and numeracy in lessons

Find out more information about Barnet Local Offer by clicking the following link:…/the-local-offer-and-special-educational-needs.html

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