North London School

Positive Behaviour

We are very proud of North London Grammar Schools positive behavior and contribution to the community. Our Trustees have set high expectations on staff and pupils. Their vision is to ensure that students not only succeed academically but also play a significant role to the wider community.

Here are some quotes from Personal development, Behaviour and Welfare – OFSTED – April 2018:

“Pupils’ behaviour is impeccable. They work diligently and with determination to succeed. They value diversity and respect all people no matter what their culture, faith or lifestyle.
The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. Pupils’ manners are impeccable. They take great pride in their school and are very neatly turned out. They look after the environment and the school is free of litter.
Pupils are highly ambitious and determined to succeed. They therefore work extremely hard and try their very best. There is almost no disruption in lessons. During visits to classrooms, pupils were typically fully engrossed in the work that their teachers had set. None were off task. Pupils’ very positive attitudes make an excellent contribution to their successful learning.
Pupils’ rates of attendance this year are well above the national average for secondary

We believe in positive behaviour and attitudes to education and life and will support your child through their journey with us.

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