North London School


A Broad and Balanced Curriculum

“A flexible curriculum for a changing world.”

North London Grammar School believes that every pupil should have access to a broad, balanced, relevant, and differentiated curriculum. Our curriculum is tailored to pupil interests and reflects the multicultural nature of our community.

All our staff are committed to providing a dynamic curriculum based on skills and knowledge pupils will need once they enter the world as young adults. Whether they choose to go on to further education, go directly into a training apprenticeship, or into employment, our curriculum pathways will prepare pupils for lifelong learning.

In the first three years, Year 7 – 9, all students will follow our broad and balanced curriculum which will give them a good foundation in all key subjects as well as exposing them to new and exciting knowledge and ideas.

During Year 9, pupils will be guided into making their options choices so they are directed onto learning pathways that respond to their needs and abilities, ensuring every individual has the best chance at achieving their goals.

We aim for the majority of our pupils to take GCSE or English Baccalaureate exams in Year 11 before entering our Sixth Form where we offer a wide range of AS and A Level Qualifications. However, we are also able to advise pupils who wish to follow other routes such as BTEC, vocational level 2 Diplomas, and Foundation Study Qualifications.

Science and Maths

We aim to create a challenging environment that raises standards of achievement and the quality of teaching and learning in science and mathematics for all pupils, leading to whole school improvement in performance.

Our school will be a centre of excellence in scientific, technological, enterprising and vocational education. It will be an active contributor to local and national developments within science and mathematics and will encourage young people to pursue science and mathematics beyond 16, providing them with appropriate learning pathways so that they develop the skills needed to be active citizens within an increasingly scientific world and to progress into employment, further training and higher education according to their individual abilities, aptitudes and ambitions.

We will be active partners in a learning society with our local family of schools and our local community, sharing resources and disseminating good practice.

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