North London School


How long is the School day?

School starts with Registration at 8.20am (Monday to Friday).

Lessons begin at 8.55am. They end at 4pm. The school runs compulsory enrichment activities between 3.10pm – 4pm

What are the admission procedures?

  1. Initial Interest
  2. Register after Successful Entrance Test
  3. Interview Day
  4. To Accept a place for your Child
  5. To Secure a place for your Child
  6. Induction Day

For detailed information please see

How can I report absence/lateness?

All students are expected to attend school every day unless there is a genuine medical or other reason for absence. You are expected to be punctual each day and remember that registers will be taken at 8.20 each morning. Should you arrive late to school after the Tutorial Lesson, you must sign in at the Reception where you will receive a late slip to hand to the lesson that you will be joining otherwise you will be recorded absent.

Attendance certificates for 100% attendance are awarded. All students have a target of 95% attendance. Notes explaining the reasons for absence are required for every absence and we request that parents telephone the school on the day of absence before 8am or report online from

How can I track my child’s progress?

You can check your child’s progress at any time by logging in to your child’s personal school account ( You will be able to track daily attendance, punctuality, behavior information and also termly school reports.

Parents can also access the school VLE account to see subject topics to be studied and homework assign.

The school also sends regular text messages to keep parent’s up to date of their child’s progress at the school.

When can I book an entrance test for my child?

We will have all available dates posted on our website. A test can be booked for students in year 5 to year 9.

When can I come to visit the school?

We have our open days/evenings posted online at

We can also arrange walk in visits if requested.

Is your school connected with any particular philosophy or group?

NLGS was founded by a group of British business people and educators of Turkish background who were personally inspired by the teachings of Hizmet which emphasises the importance of inclusive and nondenominational education to help children achieve their true potential. Hizmet, a Turkish word which means ‘service’, is a civil society education movement.

How does that ‘inspiration’ manifest itself in the school? Does it impact the school curriculum or the day to day running of the school?

Hizmet’s teachings and emphasis on education influenced the founders of the school and by extension the nature and character of the school in the following ways. First, to found a non-profit school. Second, to found a school that is nondenominational and inclusive in terms of student background, ethnicity and religion. Third, to ensure that the school provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the students, parents and staff. Fourth, to offer an educational ethos that emphasises academic excellence on the one hand and universal values such as social responsibility, empathy, engagement, compassion and care on the other.

Other than the above, Hizmet’s inspiration has no other impact on the school. NLGS is an independent school run by the schools board of governors and school management team. NLGS follows the national curriculum, does not promote or teach a particular religion or philosophy including that of Hizmet, and is registered with and inspected by Oftsed and all other relevant stakeholder bodies. 

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