North London School

About Us

North London Grammar School is a state of the art independent day and boarding school with modern facilities, teaching students aged 7-18. In 2006, our team opened Wisdom School in Tottenham, Haringey. Our goal was to create a low-cost independent school where we could provide high-class education that focused on the distinction in literacy in a welcoming and diverse atmosphere. We were so successful in achieving our aims that we have been hugely oversubscribed.

In order to offer our model for educational excellence to more students, in 2015 we moved from our small but beautiful old building in Tottenham (6000 sq ft) to a brand new 50,000 sq ft site in Barnet with state-of-the-art design and technology. Our new premises support the growing needs of our students, allowing us to provide unparalleled education involving academic research and the holistic development of our students’ unique capabilities and talents.

We are proud to call London our home, one of the world’s greatest and most diverse cities, which is reflected in our school with students from a variety of backgrounds studying together. We call ourselves a grammar school to reflect the kind of school we want to be:  focused on academic excellence, nurturing intelligence, and learning through self-discipline.

At NLGS we believe in driving students to fulfil their full potential no matter their academic level. We do this with highly trained and understanding teachers which are highlighted in our Ofsted report (2018): “Pupils make substantial progress from the point at which they join the school. This is because leaders adapt the curriculum to meet their needs, and teaching is highly effective.” We believe not only in driving our students to being the best in the school, but to be the best in the country and the world. To achieve this we teach and enter our students to compete in international Olympiads, from which our students have received gold and silver medals over the years.

Our success since 2015 has resulted in us achieving an ‘Outstanding’ review from Ofsted in 2018 and as a result, we have been able to try and replicate this success in other countries around the world and spread our brand. At present, we have agreements to open branch schools in three countries: China; Myanmar; Kazakhstan; Ghana, and Morocco. Our online University Foundation Programme is also being taught in Hong Kong, China, Kazakhstan, Japan, Nigeria, Thailand, Laos, Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Bangladesh, allowing international students to prepare for study in English language universities.

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