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2017 GCSE Results

GCSE results for summer 2017 are currently pending due to the errata period for publication in April 2018. The results on the school performance website has been contested and now been approved to be revised, hence the publication of the GCSE on the school website will be issued by the end of April or as soon as the errata period from the Department of Education has been finalised.

In the meantime, if you would like to discuss the attainment and current progress of your child, please contact the respective Head of Key Stages:


The Headteacher and the School Governors are delighted with this year’s GCSE results.
The percentage of our students who achieved an A*-C grade in both English and Maths has risen from 64% to 75% this year. We are also proud of our students’ achievements in the English Baccalaureate qualification (English, Maths, Double Science, History/Geography and a Modern Foreign Language at A*-C), where the proportion of successful students has risen from 9% to 64% (the national average for EBACC is 43%).

    • Indeed, 50% of our ICT students gained an A*/A and overall pass rate of 100% A*-C (national average for A*-C is 67.9%). Other successes include a 100% A*-A rate in French (national average 69.7%), Turkish and Russian (national average 89%), 100% A*-C in Core (national average 47.9%), Double (national average 59.4%) and Triple Science (national average 76.9%), 100% A*-C Geography (national average 66.3%), 100% A*-A in Art (national average A*-C 75.9%), and a 92% A*-C rate in Maths (national average 61%) and a 83% A*-C in English Language (national average 60.2%). These figures show the outstanding progress that students make under our care. We are proud of our achievements but we are not complacent.

      • Furthermore, most of our Year 10 students were entered for early GCSE examinations and achieved 100% A*/A rate in Turkish, 81% A*-C rate in Core Science, 100% A*-C rate in Additional Science, 100% A*-C rate in Maths and 100% A*-C rate in ECDL. We also entered one student in Year 9 for GCSE Maths and achieved a Grade A.


      • Our aim is to attempt to achieve 100% figures for our students in every key measure of attainment.


    • Well done to everyone!
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